2016 Primary Election - August 30, 2016


Data on this page shows contributions dated from March 25, 2015 to September 16, 2016.The numbers might not include the latest data or amendments supplied by the candidate.

How much money have the candidates collected?

Here are the total contributions to candidates in this race, from highest to lowest. Click on the name for a more detailed summary for that candidate.

Candidate Total
Number of
Darnell, Sadie $76552.15 438 $174.78
Jacobs, Jack $53910.39 196 $275.05
Zedalis, Zac $51165.00 312 $163.99

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Contributions not from Alachua County

It's not unusual for candidates to get contributions from friends or family that do not live in Alachua County. But sometimes, these contributions come from Political Action Committees in other cities. Out-of-county contributions are shown from the highest to the lowest.

Candidate Contributions
Darnell, Sadie $9880.25
Zedalis, Zac $4115.00
Jacobs, Jack $3825.00

Click on the name to see details of the out-of-county contributions.

Multiple contributions from the same address

Multiple contributions can be identified by the same address. This is not illegal as long as it's a different person or business.

Jacobs, Jack $38224.94
Zedalis, Zac $22335.00
Darnell, Sadie $16469.20

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